Ball Chain Curtain 20 Inches Wide X 108.5" Inches long

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Ball Chain Curtain 20 Inches Wide X 108.5" Inches long

One Section ball chain curtain 20 Inches Wide X 108.5" Inches long 

( 3/8" = 9.525 mm ) Round style yellow brass ShimmerScreen chain cut to above lengths* sealed with Deco-Tuf™ 

ST2 Track, round ball style.

ETA: Lead time: 2-3 weeks (some time is less time )

Price       $ 910.00

Shipping $    59.60

Total        $ 969.60

Top Quality Made in the U.S.A

Manufacturer: Made in the USA by BCM
Installation not included Some trimming at the bottom of the chain/screen may be necessary by installer chain is cut to a plus tolerance from given specifications.
Strand lengths are usually NOT all even at bottom and most cases will not be perfectly even at the bottom after your trimming due to the pitch variation of balls/beads BCM does not verify dimensions in field.
Approved dimensions to be provided by customer BCM does not guarantee that the product is appropriate for your application.
It is the responsibility of the designer, architect, engineer, and/or owner to determine if the chain ball is suitable for a particular application
Lead-time: Approximately 2 weeks Delivery: F.O.B. Mt Vernon, NY

Note: Custom-made orders are not cancellable and are non-refundable.

Thank you for your purchase from Inc!
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BALL STYLE AND FINISH: Round ball style  Yellow Brass 

yellow brass ball chain cutain sample picture



Sizig chart larger beads provie more visibilit saler beads provie more privacy.

Ball can curtin track and mounin options.

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