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(Sign Reads:) WARNING: FISHING POX very contagious to males. Never heard of fishing pox? Note the SYMPTOMS of this disease... "Continual complaint as to need for fresh air, sunshine and relaxation. Patient has blank expression, sometimes deaf to wife and kids. Has no taste for work of any kind. Frequent pawing through tackle box. Hangs out in Sporting Goods stores longer than usual. Secret night phone calls to fishing pals. Mumbles to self. Lies to everyone. NO KNOWN CURE." TREATMENT: "Medication is useless. Disease is not fatal. See your Sporting Goods dealer NOW! Victim should go fishing as often as possible." Sound like someone you know (-perhaps yourself?!) may be afflicted? Then check out this sturdy sign commemorating this disease... Colors: BLACK block lettering and OFF-WHITE background Size: 9.2 X 11.1 Our collection of enameled signs are authentic reproductions utilizing the same process popularized in the early 1900's. The colors are not paints but finely ground glass crystals which, when kiln fired a 1350 F, fuse to the heavy steel plate. Each color is applied and fired separately, creating a durable,lustrous and rust resistant product. Comes with reinforced hole in each corner for easy mounting.

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