RCA-Disk Sign

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Product Description

This sign features the world-famous trademark of Victor Talking Machine Company. The image of the famous canine, Nipper, listening intently to the phonograph, is from a painting, "His Master's Voice," by artist Francis Barraud, which was later adopted/purchased by the Company (founded by Eldridge Reeves Johnson). Color: RED and BLACK background, WHITE font and illustrations, BROWN phonograph and collar. Size: 11.2 diam. Comes with four reinforced holes (one on top, bottom, left and right side) for easy mounting. Our collection of enameled signs are authentic reproductions utilizing the same process popularized in the early 1900's. The colors are not paints but finely ground glass crystals which, when kiln fired a 1350 F, fuse to the heavy steel plate. Each color is applied and fired separately, creating a durable,lustrous and rust resistant product.