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We specialize in making extra large mirror ball or unique shapes

Disco balls are a classic product that remain engrained in time, generally used in the music and dance venue industry. Use a disco ball to create a stunning display to compliment and decorate night clubs, parties, events, venues, bars and homes. Also known as a mirror ball. They are spheres made up of small square mirror tiles that reflect light in many directions. They can be powered by a motor which allows them to rotate in different directions. If illuminated by a spotlight, the diffused light gives off a radiant atmosphere.

Click here to view our complete disco ball inventory, many colors and sizes to choose from

We specialize in custom making disco balls according to your exact specification. Need it in a huge size? Specific color? Bigger mirror tiles? Unique shape?Just get in contact with us today and let us know about your project and specific disco ball needs.





QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT BEADED CURTAINS How do I hang my beaded curtain? Hanging your new beaded curtain is very easy and simple. Just follow these steps: 1: Installation can be performed by one person. You will need your curtain, two nails or screws and a hammer. You may also need a pencil and a [...]

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Generation Store featured in Michael Cerbelli's The Hot List

Generation Store had the privilege of being included in Michael Cerbelli’s The Hot List™, which was featured in The Special Event Show 2020. This incredible event has been running for 19 years. It took place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas from March 9-12th. It’s the event industry's premier trade show and [...]

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String Curtains Heading options

Our string curtain panels and fringe curtain panels can be ordered with different heading styles to fit your needs.Rod Pocket HeadingThe rod pocket heading is what comes with all of our string curtains by default. The heading is a sleeve opening pocket that is 2 1/2 inches in diameter. It can be used to slide [...]

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Trending Inflatable Structure Igloo Tents, Mirror Balls, Cubes for Venus and Large Events

Generation Store’s line of inflatable products which include mirror balls, cubes, and igloo tents, coincide with the rising trend of inflatable structures that are used in all kinds of business events, ranging from tradeshows to corporate parties. Clients love our flexibility when it comes to fulfilling all of their custom requests such as looking for a [...]

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Giant Inflatable Balloons, Strolling Tables, and Fancy Donuts at BizBash 2018

Generations Store featured at this year’s BizBash Live in New York City. We had a booth showing off 3 of our most popular products; inflatable mirror balls, giant balloons, and our string curtains. It was great to interact with fellow exhibitors and attendees, and check out the other products and services that are being offered in the special [...]

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Generation Store at New York Comic Con 2018

Thursday, October 4th the was start of the 12th annual New York Comic Con at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. The convention that brings together the world most passionate comic book, video game, cosplay, anime, and science fiction fans runs for 4 days brought a lot of excitement and comradery.Generation Stores had the [...]

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Inflatable Balls ​Frequently Asked Questions

Inflatable Balls Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat material are the Inflatable Mirror Balls made out of?Our mirror balls are made of PVC Tarpaulin Cloth. The material is thick, durable and it has a glossy finish.What is the thickness of the material?The PVC cloth is 0.45mm and on top of that there’s a layer of 0.3mm mirror cloth.Is [...]

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The Most Expensive Wedding Ever (Cost WAY More Than You Think)

For many of us, dreaming about the intricate details of our Special Day is just that: a dream. But some people have more money than they know what to do with, and for them this (hopefully) once in a lifetime occasion is a great excuse to funnel vast amounts of it towards creating as preposterously [...]

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String Fringe Curtains Density options made of 100% polyester fiber –Top Quality

Our String Fringe Curtains come in three types of string density: standard Density, Medium and Premium High. The density of the curtain is measured by the number of strings per inch, usually the curtains with more amount of strings reflects the curtain quality. Choose the string density depending on your project or style.Standard Density is ready-made. It's 13-15 strings per inch and comes in [...]

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