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Beaded Curtains

Event and wedding decorators use our gorgeous beaded curtains in stunning ways. Perfect to hang from walls, or to decorate walkways for a glimmering effect. Bead curtains can also be hung from a ceiling to add pure elegance to a room. Hundreds of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from.

Need your curtains in an even longer size or in a specific pattern? We specialize in creating custom made curtains fit to your exact specification. Just get in contact with us today and let us know about your project and specific curtain needs.

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Beaded Curtains are Here to Stay!

Bead curtains can be used at home in a variety of ways to enhance the mood and atmosphere of any room or space. They are available in a variety of shapes and colors to complement any decor.

Beaded curtains for doorways are a great alternative to traditional doors. They take up less space than a regular door and don't require additional room to swing or slide, making them the perfect solution for small spaces, storage areas, or instances where less room separation is needed. Doorway bead curtains are also great to use in businesses between the showroom and employee areas. The hanging beads shield restricted areas in an attractive and discreet way.

These curtains can also be used in the home. Closet door beads are great for personalizing living spaces. The colorful beads add to the room's decor while acting as a functional divider between the main space and closet area. Hanging beads can also be used as window curtains to provide privacy or add style to dull window treatments.

Choose for all of your bead curtain needs. Our huge selection of products and low prices make us the leading source for hanging bead curtains. Don't forget that we do custom orders, too, when you customize at least 36 panels. Use this option to get your company logo or a custom color onto your curtain. Whether you're an event manager, or interior decorator, you'll appreciate the quality of these beaded curtains.

In the '60s, beaded curtains were in everybody's homes because of their beauty and captivating designs. Although the use of beaded curtains started in Asian countries decades ago, Western countries have seen their potential, which is the reason why everybody from all over the world incorporated them into their homes. Today, they are widely used due to Feng Shui as they are believed to emit positive energy not just in a home, but in any setting that you can possibly think of.

You may think that beaded curtains are outdated. That may be true if you use designs that were from the '60s. Nowadays, you can find beaded curtains with intricate designs and patterns that are sure to suit all types of décor. As a matter of fact, there are more varieties of beaded curtains available in the market today compared to the earlier days.

The growing usage and following of these incredible curtains are due to many reasons. First and foremost, beaded curtains are now made using exquisite materials including acrylic, glass, plastic, bamboo, and wood compared to years back when they were just made of a single type of material: seashells.

If you look at what the market has in store for you now, you'll find a great selection of alluring patterns. There are even some that feature dancing dolphins, rainbows, climbing vines, butterflies, snowflakes, and floral designs! As for the expensive varieties, they often include crystals and semi-precious stones.

The Different Types of Beaded Curtains

Bamboo – this one is the most popular among all the other materials that are used to make beaded curtains with as it is very lightweight. What's more, it adds an audible dimension as it produces a swishing sound. Bamboo can be treated with any color, which means bamboo beads can be used in creating beautiful patterns.

Acrylic – acrylic beaded curtains are made of molded, colored plastic. Acrylic beads come in all shapes and sizes, which means there is also a good selection of these curtains available in the market today.

Wooden – wooden beads are popular in the construction of beaded curtains because they are tougher compared to bamboo. Wooden beads can come in their natural state, painted, carved, or stained.

PVC – beaded curtains that are made of PVC beads provide less privacy as they often have fewer strands.

Glass – this one is the expensive type. A beaded curtain that is made of true glass adds both visual beauty and sound dimension. Take note: curtains made of glass have to be handled with care as they are fragile. Walking through them may break the glass pieces. They are best used or hung on low traffic locations, where they won't be touched that often. Because of their reflective nature, glass curtains provide the opportunity for light to scatter across a room.

How to Add Flair to Your Home Using Beaded Curtains

If you are thinking about decorating your home with beaded curtains but you don't know exactly how to do that, then keep on reading as we have the best ways on how you can add style to your home using these curtains.

Bed Canopy

Every little girl dreams of having a princess bed. Canopy beds made of beaded curtains don’t only create an imaginative space for a child and a private den for a teenager, but they can also transform a traditional master bedroom. Beaded curtains will serve as your elegant drapes, creating a dreamy look to the bedroom.


Aside from being a decorative covering, you can also use beaded curtains to create a brand new space within a room. To give you an example, using your beaded curtains, you can give your little ones a cute, cozy, and colorful reading nook where they can read a book. The space will give children motivation to favor reading books than playing video games. You can also create a play area to keep your children's toys in a single place instead of being strewn across your entire house. What's good about this is it gives you your much-needed break from constantly tidying up.

Cabinet Curtains

Take inspiration from trendy country kitchens and replace your cupboard doors with beaded cabinet curtains. This decorating concept is already gaining popularity as people are opting for pastel shades and botanical designs to harmonize quaint kitchen aesthetics.

Room Separators

As your children get older, they'd choose to not share a space with a sibling. But, having separate bedrooms is not always an option especially for larger families. Dividing a room with beaded curtains is an excellent way to give your growing children the privacy that they are craving, while not isolating the younger kids completely as they can still peep their little heads in and play. A beaded curtain is also excellent for living spaces that have open plan layouts. You can use beaded curtains between the dining room and the living room. You can also install one in your utility room to mask the ruckus or chaos brought inside your home.

How to Use Beaded Curtains to Upgrade an Event's Décor

You already know how to decorate your home with beaded curtains. But, did you know you can utilize the same beaded curtains to upgrade an event's "tablescape?" We'll show you how useful beaded curtains really are! Now, you can bring an entirely different level of creativity into your event's décor.

Cascading Beads and Florals

Hanging centerpieces can bring about elaborate decorations to a birthday, anniversary or wedding table without being in the way of memorable conversations. By using cascading beads and florals to complement the flower vases on the table, you can transform traditional tablescapes into an incredible, ethereal garden.

Floating Arrangements

Suspended floral arrangements and beaded curtains don't need to be draping closely to a table décor just to give you the statement that you're looking for. Add candles to a wedding table to add an exquisite glow, but the lush flowers, crystal beads, and overgrown greenery that are all hanging directly above will bring an extraordinary garden vibe to a tent reception.

Lush Greenery with Crystal Beads

Hanging greenery hoops and crystal curtains prove that a nonfloral centerpiece will easily beat a classic floral arrangement. Filled with vines and fern leaves, your hanging centerpieces will bring the vibrancy that you need to a tablescape that has a minimalist style. For spring weddings, we suggest adding tulip accents to make the décor even more astonishing.

Mix and Match

Whimsical wedding signs may be amazing, but adding beaded curtains that are made of glass bring elegance and sophistication to a colorful centerpiece.

Photo Garlands

Sharing moments of your love story through pictures will make an awesome conversation starter amongst all of your guests. Take out those snaps and photos of you as a couple and print them for a unique and easy DIY centerpiece. Use the beaded curtains as the backdrop for the pictures that you'll be hanging.

How to Make Your Own Beaded Curtains

When Mr. Sun is shining bright outside, it's tempting to do arts and crafts, especially with the kids. One craft project that's simple to create is a bead curtain. Bead curtains are great as they let you keep doors open and allow cool breeze to entire inside your home. If you choose beads that are transparent, the light from the sun will create a dappled light effect right in your living room or kitchen! Here's how you can make your own beaded curtains:

Step 1: Start gathering all the necessary materials. You can choose any type of bead that you want. If you want a beautiful sparkle, faceted glass beads will give you just that. Aside from the beads, you also need screw-in eyelets, two nails, wood, strong fishing line, and a glue gun.

Step 2: Screw the eyelets into the wood, which you'll use as the rod.

Step 3: Tie as many fishing lines as you want. Add glue to the lines when you tie them on the rod to make them extra secure and to prevent them from sliding around.

Step 4: Start beading! Be as creative as you can.

Step 5: After you've beaded all the lines, it's time for you to attach the beaded curtain to the wall or to a door frame. Use the nails and let the beads hang from the rod. That's it – you're done!

How to Hang and Store Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains, regardless of the bead type, come hanging on rods. Since the beads are inserted into their own rods, the installation is as simple as taking two nails and putting them up! Follow the tips we have below and you'll have beaded curtains installed properly in your home in no time! We also have tips on how you can store and preserve the beauty of your beaded curtains, so keep on reading.

Hanging beaded curtains properly (without tangling the strands) - in order to avoid tangling strands, we recommend that you don't untie the ties around a curtain's strands. What you should do first is hang your curtain. As soon as it's in place, that's when you remove the ties.

On top of beaded curtain rods, there are eyelets. You can use them in hanging your beaded curtain. For event installations, we suggest you make use of zip-ties to affix your curtains to existing structures like trusses.

For home installations, hang the curtain from your door frame or anything that is stable. You need two "cup" or "C" hooks. You can find these little ones in your local hardware store. They are usually used to hang plants. Just screw your hooks into your door frame, then slip the curtain over the two hooks. Then, voila! You're done! To hang a curtain against a wall, all you need are regular nails. Once the nails are two-thirds beneath the wall, simply slip the hook of your curtain rod over the nails. That's it! You can use the same installation method if you want to attach a beaded curtain flat to a door frame.

Storing beaded curtains properly (without tangling the strands) - if you want to store and preserve your beaded curtains, here's what you should do: tie the strands of the curtain together before you take the entire thing down. Grab all the strands two to three feet from the rod. Tie a thick ribbon around the strands at that area. Make sure that the ribbon is thick so you can see it easily. After which, move a few feet down your beaded curtain. Tie the strands once again, utilizing the exact method as the first one. Doing so will ensure that it is easy for you to take down the curtain and place every piece into a big storage bag. We recommend the use of long duffel bags. If you don’t have one, then you can proceed with an under-bed storage box or a large kitchen trash bag. If you'd be storing your curtain in a kitchen trash bag, wrap the bag around the beads tightly to ensure that the strands won't tangle. What you should always remember is that you should try to store the curtain in a way that it won't shift or slide around as that might scratch or damage the beads. You can make use of the curtain for a longer period of time this way. Acrylic beaded curtains are preferred by most homeowners as they can be polished using a rag and furniture spray.

How to untangle beaded curtains – beaded curtains are composed of myriads of strands of beads, making tangles plain unavoidable. Perhaps you had people or children messing up your curtains. If you find yourself dealing with the task of untangling a beaded curtain, don't worry as there is a way for you to do it. First, hang it up before you start untangling. Then, make sure the rod is high enough that the strands don't touch the ground. Never try untangling strands while they are on the ground as that will just make matters worse. You'll start cursing like pirates and set things on fire. If you're sure that your curtain is securely suspended, then that's the time you slowly untangle the strands. Have fun doing so!


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