Faux Metallic Silver Chain Ball Beaded Curtains - 3 Feet by 12 Feet

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12 units

Product Description

These beautiful extra-long metallic rounded silver chain ball hanging beads are the perfect addition for anyone looking to add a classy touch as backdrops to decorate retail window displays, night clubs, restaurants, social gatherings, trade shows, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties or simply to spruce up an empty drabby looking doorway or wall whether at home or at dormitory/office space.

These curtains are perfect in size to create ornate room divisions. The subtlety of the metallic balls add a delicate yet very elegant touch to any space and with such a simple installation what is there not to love! The standard size is 3 Feet Wide by 12 Feet Long, containing 45 strands and composed of 6mm metallic-colored reflective acrylic balls.

The hard-plastic hanging rod contains 4 evenly spaced out appropriate sized hole openings for the insertion of any general size screws/nail or metal hanger to fit your desired position and wall/display material. The tips on each side contain an easy to remove plastic cover which allows you to remove the inner rod that holds the inserted individual bead strands. These strands fit within a u-shaped hole opening and can be added or removed to your desired position to either accumulate strands on one side more than the other, or to space them out if needed. Also the string between each ball on the strand is a sturdy material but is able to be cut with any standard household scissor, if a variation in length is required. The curtain itself is very lightweight coming in at only around 5 pounds. Using the beads as doorway curtains is a great alternative to traditional doors. Beaded curtains take up less space than swinging or sliding doors, yet still provide the privacy and division of a regular door. The semi-see-through property of the curtains makes them an excellent choice for businesses or offices that need to divide public spaces from employee-only areas, but need to be able to see the retail floor at all times. Beaded wall curtains can be used as a decorative item as well. Use them to dress up window treatments or as a decorative element on a wall. Beaded wall curtains also make excellent backdrops for events such as weddings, fashion shows and fundraisers. Need something you don't see here? We do custom orders too, when you meet minimum order requirements. So all of you wedding planners, event managers and decorators can breathe a sigh of relief - Generation Store has all of your needs covered.