Giant Inflatable Balls

 Our giant inflatable balls are great to be used for special events, trade shows, festivals, and conventions. They work perfectly for taking up empty space, and can also achieve a pleasant, eye-catching effect. 

Hang them from the ceiling to accentuate a particular area, or group them up together with LED lights for a gleaming effect. The variety of ways they can be used will unlock your creativity.

They will accompany your decor ideas, no matter how big your vision is. The balls can be used in a small environment or a huge ballroom, ranging in sizes from 3 feet in diameter up to 16 feet in diameter.

Our inflatable balls come in two styles and in a variety of colors. Get them mirrored or non-mirrored. Made in white, silver, gold, blue, red, and green. Perfect for any sort of ambiance you are trying to achieve.

These inflatable balls are currently very popular and trendy among advertisers for indoor and outdoor promotional use. They can be imprinted with your logo or custom graphic.

Very light weight which makes these inflatable balls easy to carry and hang. Re-usable and easy to clean.

Need your giant inflatable balls in an even larger size, a specific color, or imprinted with a logo or graphic? No problem, we specialize in custom making these balls to your exact specification. 


Just get in contact with us today and let us know about your project and specific needs!

Inflatable Large Balls Frequently Asked Questions

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12 of 12 Items