Giant Inflatable Mirror Balls - Add Your Own Logo or Graphic

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Our custom made giant inflatable mirror balls come in five different colors, and in sizes from 3 feet in diameter up to 16 feet in diameter. You can even add your own logo or graphic to them! Our mirror balls are great for conventions or trade shows to accentuate a brand, or to add a touch of mystery or sophistication to your event.


Our mirror balls have been used in a variety of different creative ways. Various different sized ones were used to decorate a trade show event's ceiling. Different colored ones were also placed all around an event's venue floor to add a playful effect that people could interact with.


Our mirror balls come in five different colors - silver, gold, red, blue, and green. Use the silver and gold ones for a more sophisticated look at a special event or gala. Use the colored ones to match a specific event theme or color palette.


These mirror balls can be made big or small, any size you need. They come as small as 2 feet in diameter and can be as gigantic as 20 feet in diameter. They will accompany your decor ideas, no matter how big your vision is.


Our giant mirror balls are extremely durable and have a long lifespan. They are made from a very strong and special type of PVC cloth. They are double stitched and fitted with extra webbing reinforcing strips on all stress points and interior panels. Also fireproof and waterproof. Able to be inflated with either air or helium.


If for whatever reason they are slightly damaged, we also include a repair kit. That's not all, we also include ropes to hang the balls with, an 110v air pump to inflate, and a complimentary storage bag.


Need these inflatable mirror balls in a size or color not listed here? Not a problem, we specialize in custom making these balls to your specifications. Get in contact with us today to place a custom order. 


Add your own logo or custom graphic



 It is possible to add your own logo or graphic to these mirror balls! Just attach the image file to your order, and let us know about your logo color or detail requirements. Or you can contact us directly if you need it to be very specific. The logo will be placed on two sides of the ball, so it can be seen from different angles. Our giant inflatable mirror balls with a logo attached to them are perfect to be used for conventions, trade shows, or for merchandising purposes. Accentuate any company or brand you are working with.


Please note that the price per mirror ball may increase if the logo or graphic is complex or intricate.


Click here to contact us directly to place an order for custom made inflatable mirror balls with your logo or graphic on them.


We specialize in custom making inflatable mirror balls to your exact specification


We realize that you may need ultra specific mirror balls tailored to your specific event. If you need these mirror balls in a particular color, size, or precise details on a logo or graphic necessary, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Since 1990, we have provided event decorators, wedding planners, and interior designers with beautiful, high quality decorative items. Our goal is to provide you with exactly what you need to bring your decorative vision to life.


Click here to contact us directly to place an order for your mirror balls made to the exact size, color, and logo requirements you need.


Take a look at how giant inflatable mirror balls have been used by event decorators






Other Details

Material thickness:
0.45mm of PVC + 0.3mm of mirror cloth