Inflatable Cube for Marketing with any custom design or logo 4 sides

Usually ships in 5-7 days + 5-6 for transit time

Product Description

Order Inflatable Cube with your own logo or design

A customizable inflatable cube from Generation Store is an exceptional marketing tool. Purchase one cube or several cubes to make a statement at your company's next convention or expo. They also make excellent brand display at shopping malls, airports, Casinos Etc.

This product is perfect for sales promotion because we can customize your Inflatable Cube with any design or logo of your choice!

We offer a variety of colors but if you’re looking for a particular shade we’ll be happy to match the product to the color you are looking for. We can also tailor your order to meet any size requirements that are needed.

The Inflatable Cubes are extremely durable and have a guaranteed long lifespan. Please note that this product can be inflated with either air or helium only.

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