Iridescent Diamond Cut Beaded Curtain with a Fabric Rod Pocket

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Product Description


Bring Some Pizzazz to Your Event With Beaded Curtains With a Satin Rod Pocket


Add a little touch of elegance to traditional crystal beaded curtains with this new style of beaded curtain, which comes with a top fabric pocket. These beaded curtains with a rod pocket are three feet wide and available in 6. 9, 12, and 20-foot lengths. The pocket can be used with rods easily masking rods that don’t fit in with the rest of your décor. It also makes the beaded curtain easier to hang on a rod, helping make setup and takedown easier. 

Hanging beaded curtains are versatile. You can use them for multiple events to section off areas and help guide flow through an event space. Large beaded backdrops are also great for weddings, art installations and retail displays. They add the perfect touch of special without detracting from art, clothing, or any other focal points. This curtain is easy to install and take down because of its white satin rod pouch. The pouch easily fits over crossbars, and it's durable because strands are sewn into the satin.

The curtains can be customized based on your needs. You can mix and match bead sizes to suit your desired aesthetic. These curtains make a great buffet table backdrop. For a corporate event, use them as room divider hanging beads to create private areas throughout the venue. 

Opt for these large beaded backdrops, because they’re easier to install and remove than ceiling hanging beads. If you’re ready to elevate your next event, contact us and let us customize your crystal beaded curtains.