Add a beautiful focal point to any space with beaded chandeliers. Our chandeliers come in acrylic beads, pearl and metallic beads-and many more materials. From elegant fabrics that add romance, to LED glass in spiral-beaded patterns, our beaded chandeliers aren't just beautiful-they're also functional, pouring out light to add a soft glow or a bright spotlight to your décor. Perfect for weddings, parties, or the dining room table, our beaded chandeliers are designed to match our hanging beaded curtains. Add a chandelier to tie together your existing design or allow them to stand alone to become an interesting and lovely statement piece.

Every room could always use a little more light, and every design can stand a little more elegance. You'll get both with our beaded chandeliers. Choose from a wide variety of materials and designs to find something that matches your personal style perfectly.