Cherry Blossom Led Light Tree 4 FT Tall with remote control to select up to 8 colors

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Product Description

Get the Cherry Blossom LED Light Tree that is 4 feet 8" tall. It includes a remote control to choose up to 8 different colors.

The Taylor Cherry Blossom tree has a curvy trunk which can support an amazing 8 branches. This makes for an absolute style statement which can be used for landscaping, interior spaces, small gardens, or elegant patios. Since a tree is a long-term investment, do not compromise on quality, add beauty and value to your home. Our trees cause no messy litter problems, won't outgrow the location, won't develop hazardous thorns, and is extremely attractive. The trunk is made with 2mm thick steel tubular pipe for extra stability. The plastic blossoms are clear but have a slight blue tint that does not impact the color outcome of the LED lights which run at 25 watts.

  • 4 Feet 8 Inches tall
  • 338 led lights
  • 8 Branches
  • 110V
  • 25W
  • Hand painted to resemble real tree barks and trunk
  • Large blossoms for a realistic and radiant look
  • Made with the highest quality materials
  • Made to be waterproof against outdoor elements
  • A contemporary alternative to an traditional Christmas Trees.