Gray Silver String Curtains - 3 Feet by 12 Feet

Was: $79.99
Now: $35.99

Product Description

Dress up walls, windows, and even doorways with tasteful fringe curtains that are easy to customize. Heavy draperies are old-fashioned and have a way of making rooms feel cluttered and claustrophobic. Make your rooms feel open and airy instead with gray silver string curtains (fringe curtain) 3' x 12' (144 inches long). Hang them across the window to create gorgeous window treatments that won't disrupt the flow of light while still providing you with privacy. Hang them on the wall to design a perfect backdrop to take photos, show off furniture, or put accents on display. When you drape our fringe curtains from the ceiling, they become one-of-a-kind room dividers that won't impede pet or human traffic.

There are 15 to 17 strands for every inch to create dense fringe that will hang uniformly. Our silver string curtains are crafted from 100 percent polyester fabric, material that resists wrinkles and wear. It won't fray, either, so feel free to cut these fringe curtains to the length and style you want. Treat your room, wedding or big event to classy style with our beautiful fringe curtains.