LED Champagne Bucket


Product Description

We have just what you need for that romantic evening. The LED-lit champagne and wine bucket warmly glows as it continuously moves through 7 different colors. The smoothly contoured bucket is just right for a single standard-sized 750 milliliter wine or champagne bottle, or 3 smaller bottles of beer or soda. The included rechargeable battery, battery charger and control unit allows for easy operation. This glowing LED ice bucket is great for low-lit restaurants and at private tables in bars or clubs. Add a little something special to formal settings and candlelit tables. At home, you can instantly create an intimate special occasion for someone's birthday, an anniversary or celebratory event. The LED wine bucket is both contemporary casual and traditionally elegant. Add a touch of class to your evening cocktail hour or relaxing dinner. For bigger gatherings, we also carry the larger LED Ice Bucket, which holds 4 wine bottles or 8 soda or beer bottles.

  • Product size:3L
  • Made of PE (Polyethylene)
  • Seven color change sequentially
  • One rechargeable batterry, transformer and controller
  • Voltage: 5V