Metal Mesh fabric - Sequin Cloth SPL430

2-3 Weeks

Product Description

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Our new metal mesh fabric provides customers with the ability to use this material in various manners. This metal cloth is a new element for interior design, as well as in clothing design. It is often used for visual merchandising, wall/ceiling treatments, curtains, clothing/bag/shoe design, draping, table dressing, and much more.
Since this product is made of aluminum flakes it has durability, flexibility, and a unique texture. These characteristics make the fabric perfect for creating a distinctive decoration display, a handmade garment, or for trying out new applications. Prices show by square foot. •

  • Metal mesh fabric is made in many colors and styles. •
  • Flexible enough to make all kind of decorations. •
  • Order Metal mesh with a rod or track to use it as a curtain. •
  • Custom cut according with your specification.
  • Also know as Sequin Cloth. 
  • Tile or Bead Size:
  • Weight: