Nightstand Lamp Led Light Color Changing Cordless Smart & Green Energy Saver

Was: $49.99
Now: $26.99

Product Description

LED table lamps are our latest LED decor in store. This new form takes on a look of its own with it’s innovative design. LED nightstand lamps are the perfect addition to a modern style bedroom or living room. Utilize it to jazz up the look of your home, place it on your nightstand, or use it as a nightlight. This lamp interchanges between 8 glowing colors that radiates beautifully onto its surroundings. There are a total of 2 different settings for the lights: solid light mode, and slow flashing mode. This modern lamp has a cordless design therefore it has a built in rechargeable battery. LED table lamps are energy efficient and the long lasting LED lifespan is a great investment so you won’t be disappointed!

Our LED lamps are incredibly easy to use. Aside from the lamp itself it comes with a USB to DC plug which is used to charge the lamp. To charge it you simply put the DC plug into the DC jack which is located at the bottom of the product. Then you plug in the USB side of the cable into a 5V/1A adaptor (not included), or it can be plugged into any USB port (computer, Iphone charger box, etc).

● Product size: 7.5x11 Inches
● Made of PE (Polyethylene)
● LED nightstand lamp, table lamp, or nightlight
● Cordless design
● 8 color settings
● Rechargeable battery operated lamp
● Light settings: solid light mode & slow flashing mode
● USB cable charger included
● Power Input: 5V, 1A
● CE, RoHS approval
● Includes English instruction manual