Red String Curtains - 3 Feet by 9 Feet

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Product Description

Order Long String Curtains 9 Feet Long - Red Color

Red string curtains or fringe curtains have 15 to 17 strings for every inch. 3 Feet Wide, 9 Feet Long. Each Panel has a matching 2" 1/2 inches rod pocket top to fit your own rod. made of 100% polyester the best material for this kind of curtain. Our string curtains or fringe curtains are frequently found and popularly used as backdrops in luxury hotels, restaurants, weddings or other large events. To create your own look or design simply cut out string curtains with any kind of scissors. Do not worry, they will not fray.Click Here To Custom Order String or Fringe Curtains! Great for Valentine's day event decoration.

String Curtains Red Color