Art Deco Wall Clock With Retro Messages

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Product Description

These bright neon, art deco clocks are reminiscent of the advertising clocks from the 1930s-1950s. And, what’s better than bringing this show-stopping art deco clock to your den, family room, or home bar. Each attractive quartz, precision art deco clock is 14" in diameter. Behind the sleek, front frame are florescent lights that illuminate the entire clock, enhancing its bold, retro charm and feel. Easy to mount and even easier to adore! Standard Retro Messages available; Route 66 Cafe, Flamingo Cafe, Billiards Rack EM Up, Mom's Bar&Grill, Blondie's Diner, or Cup-O-Java-5c Free Refill.

  • Measures 14 Inches Diameter (35 cm)
  • Back lit fluorescent light
  • Require one AA Battery for the clock movement (not Include)
  • AC powered on/off Switch to light
  • 22D GE Fluorecent light replacement. 

Ship directly from the manufacturer allow 7-10 days for delivery


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