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How to set up a backdrop using hanging-beads and String Curtains

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In order to generate awareness on how our products are used and how the set up for a simple decorative area can be assembled, we have prepared this short informative how-to. The photos from this event were submitted by one of our partners who decorated a Quinceañera party.

The event was set up so different products are used concurrently. This was assembled with a combination of curtains and lights to give a creative backdrop for the center stage of this ceremony. We begin by describing that our partner took into consideration the space that was available to him and measured his surroundings. He then custom fitted the arrangement into those dimensions.

Here as pictured, he had the available area of 13 feet between the left wall and the right wall, where the diagonal drop of the ceiling met the corner of the wall. It was the perfect spot because the illumination of the window came through behind and shed a clear glow to this area, for which he placed a clear white plastic over it to diffuse the light. As a word of advice, it's recommended to place these arrangements as shown over a source of natural or florescent light because many of the curtains have a reflective property due to their material and thus can really accentuate the overall look of the presentation. Next, our partner saw that he would be able to use 4 panels of beaded curtains placed in front and 4 panels of string curtains placed behind to create a more dense look to the backdrop. This is where creativity came into play; since the beaded curtains comes pre-hung on an individual 3 foot long hard plastic rod and the string curtains have an opening in their cloth top, just like your general home curtains; it was up to him to see how it would stretch across this available horizontal area.

He was able to go to his general hardware store and search the necessary materials. First he came across a wall mount which allowed for two tubes or rods to be placed on, one in front of the other, essentially how he had intended. This wall mount was able to be mounted with a few simple anchors for a screw to be inserted without damaging the drywall. He took three of these with him in order to carefully install one on each edge of the wall and one to be centered right above the window. He then obtained two sturdy metal tubes of 1.5" diameter and inserted the string curtains first, using its own 2" 1/2 rod pocket cloth opening, one by one, until all four panels had been placed. He proceeded to place this tube with the curtains on the wall mounts using the second holder closest to the wall. His decision to insert four panels of string curtains was logical based on the space allotted, but as a decorator you are able to place more or less depending on how you want the density of it to be showcased. Placing one or two more curtains could potentially give areas of higher density which evenly spaces out the areas of low density giving it a unique touch.

Our decorator partner then moved on to placing the beaded curtains using a plastic strap to secure the metal hanging openings on the rod of these curtains to the metal tube. Please note that our partner used the 9 Foot Length Beaded Curtains Iridescent Diamond Cut Crystal and the timeless simple White String or Fringe Curtain 3 Feet Wide X 9 Feet Long . Once all four panels have been placed and the tube is in position, you could finally see the overlap effect that putting these two curtains parallel to each other had. (Both curtains are easy to cut with a pair of scissors. The material won't fray, so there's nothing to stop your creative ideas see picture bellow.) 

To finalize the backdrop, he used a white silk strap, which can be found in an arts & crafts store. This was used to mask the front of the first tube and rods with small square Velcro straps thus elegantly sealing the finished look.

Now that the backdrop was finished and the basic layout was finalized, our partner decided he was going to add extra details to accentuate the look of his backdrop and impress his guests at the ceremony. The benefit of having used this precise location for his backdrop was that the ambiance was right where enough natural light could enter based on the numerous windows around the backdrop, but also it had spotlights pre-installed and these could focus down on the stage even more for when the sun went down. You could also use this technique when making a similar arrangement, for which spotlights could be positioned at higher elevations to accentuate the iridescent properties of the curtain.

Our partner then used another one of our products, the Color Changing LED Lights. He used the 12" diameter size (20" model available as well) and placed it on a glass-top stand on the left side, adjacent to the wall. He then used the very effective, Color Changing Mood Light, which is adjacent to the previous decoration. These lights give a colorful vibrancy to the room. The "Mood Light" shines directly upon the curtain and creates a variation of reflective colors, and the large "LED light" gives a warm radiance to the area. Finally besides the additional seating and tabletop arrangements, which he felt suited the taste of this specific formal ceremony using beige chair and table covers, he finished by adding a floral arrangement to the backdrop and around the rest of the locale.

He also used one of our very elegant "Martini Glass Vases" which come in all various sizes and variations depending on the occasion, in this case he used the Tall Glass Vase for Floral Arrangements.

We applaud our decorative partner for his work and thank him for sending us pictures of his event, we hope he and his guests had a wonderful time and found the set up quite pleasant and entertaining. Thus in this little how-to, we wish to inspire you to create your own decorative set ups for your special events and with the amplitude of products that Generations Store offers we hope we can serve all your decor needs.


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