Large inflatable Christmas snow globes

Sep 27th 2023

Invented in the 19th century, the snow globe remains a holiday staple around the world. These fun, festive decorations adorn mantles, bookshelves, and other places in people’s homes. Most of them may be too small or too delicate to bring to a corporate event—until now.

We are now introducing inflatable snow globes you can use to add some festive cheer to any display. These large inflatable spheres can serve as décor, or we can make them interactive, allowing your guests to take pictures inside of and next to the globe. Order now

What is an Inflatable Snow Globe?

Inflatable snow globes are similar to our large inflatable spheres and giant balloons. They are made of a special type of PVC cloth for extra durability making them versatile. Our snow globes have a customizable base available in multiple colors which is the perfect place to add your logo or other special design elements. You can also create your own custom backdrop to match your event's theme.

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Why Choose an Inflatable Sphere?

Like large balloons, inflatable sow globes catch the eye. With creative design and customized backdrops you can use them to tell a story and guide people through your display. Add multiple related bubble spheres throughout your display to craft a tableau people want to follow.

Inflatable spheres are also more interactive than traditional large inflatable balloons. You have the option of letting people inside the globe which offers a fun, memorable touch to any event.

Incorporate Inflatable Spheres into Your Event

Inflatable snow globes add an entertaining touch to any event. Because you can customize the base and the globe’s background, you can easily incorporate them with other event décor. Here are some of the ways in which you can use an inflatable snow globe.

Holiday Parties and Events

Whether you’re planning a winter festival or a company party, an inflatable snow globe adds a merry touch. Add lighting elements inside the snow globe to add to the ambiance. At festivals and larger holiday events, you can use a large inflatable sphere to mark different activities, effectively moving people through the space.

Have a special activity area for the kids? Put large inflatable bubbles at the entrance of their area with stuffed animals doing arts and crafts or some other scene clearly marking the area. Or place it next to your large tree to bring recreate the magic of a cozy Christmas morning.

Retail Displays

Inflatable snow globes complement the rest of your holiday décor. Add some to the photos with Santa area to make the display come alive. You may have smaller areas of your shopping center in which you can’t add large decorations. Keep these areas looking alive with smaller inflatable snow globes.

Other Uses for Inflatable Snow Globes

Much like their home décor counterparts, our bubble spheres are not limited to the holidays. If you’ve ever walked through an airport or a souvenir shop while on vacation, you’ve probably seen multiple variations of this holiday favorite.

Take some inspiration from these non-traditional tchotchkes. We have seen clients use inflatable snow globes as settings for games. Add bills in different increments into the globe, turn on the air, and have contestants grab as much as they can in a set time period. Bring the kids in on the fun with a customized bubble tent.

Other clients have used our inflatable snow globes during campus events, offering a unique backdrop for photos. Instead of using a standard photo booth at your event, add an inflatable globe with your own personal touches.

Customization Options

If you’re looking for large inflatable spheres and don’t see the size or colors you want, place a custom order on our website. You can adjust the globe and the base size to suit your needs. Choose where you would like your logo and give us the specifications for what you want to put in the globe so we can make the best globe for you.

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Generation Store Has Got Your Globe

If we have convinced you to add an inflatable snow globe to your next event, we’ve got you covered. Order your own custom backdrop to create a snow globe that matches your décor. Instead of opting for generic decorations, design a backdrop with similar colors and style elements as the rest of the party so your snow globe stands out while blending in. Our snow globes are durable and made to last. Once you’ve got one, you can use it over and over. Contact us now and find out how we can help you with your next event.