Oct 12th 2020


  • How do I hang my beaded curtain? Hanging your new beaded curtain is very easy and simple. Just follow these steps:

1: Installation can be performed by one person. You will need your curtain, two nails or screws and a hammer. You may also need a pencil and a tape measurer to correctly center the beaded curtain to where you want to hang it. Find a wall or doorway where you wish to display your beaded curtain.

2: Hold your curtain up to where you wish to mount it, Level and center your beaded curtain with a tape measurer and then make a pencil mark where it is centered for reference.

3: Place the nails or screws into the wall or door frame with a hammer. Make sure they are securely placed into the wall or door frame. Hang your beaded curtain by its eye hooks.

4: You’re done! Enjoy your new custom beaded curtain and gracias for your purchase.

  • How do I reduce the length of my beaded curtain? Acrylic Beaded Curtains: The beads on our acrylic curtains are individually pressed onto the string. In other words, the string is inside of each bead permanently. The advantage of this is that if you want to reduce the length of the curtain, you can cut the string without having the rest of the beads slide off. Calculate exactly how much string you want to cut off of the curtain and mark the string with any sort of marker that you can see. Hang the curtain back up and cut the extra beads off with scissors.
  • Wooden and Bamboo Beaded Curtains: Most of our wooden and bamboo beaded curtains are drilled-out wooden beads with heavy string running through them. If you cut the length off of a wooden beaded curtain you have to tie off the end of it so that the beads won’t slide off.
  • Painted Bamboo Beaded Curtains: Our painted bamboo beaded curtains are made out of thin tubes of bamboo with holes in them that are strung together with wire. To remove length off of your curtain, you will have to remove each bead’s wire from the inside. However, the individual pieces of bamboo are different lengths. The bottom edge of a finished curtain is straight, so when you start removing beads from the bottom, you will end up with an uneven edge along that bottom end.
  • How do I remove excess width from my acrylic beaded curtain? All of our beaded curtains come attached to a rod that is 35-36 inches wide. The curtain rods can be cut with any sharp tool. What you would need to do first is remove one of the end caps on the tubular rod. They are glued together so you will need a sharp knife or something similar. Then slide out the piece of heavy plastic inside the tube where the beads are hanging from. Then you cut the rod. Cut the piece that the beads hang off of with scissors. Re-insert the beads and their holder into the rod. Put the end cap back on and you have yourself a custom curtain, custom made!
  • How can I add extra strands to my acrylic beaded curtain? You can manually add extra strands of beads on any of our acrylic beaded curtains. You will need to take off the end cap of the beaded curtain to do this. They are glued together so you will need a sharp knife or something similar. Each acrylic curtain is hung on a plastic rod and inside of the rod is a track that the beads hang on. You can add as many strands as you would like to. Unfortunately, we don’t sell separate single strands of beads. You would need to order an extra curtain and remove the beads from it manually and add it to the first curtain.
  • How can I add length to my beaded curtain If you only need a few extra inches added to the curtain, you can do it yourself. Here is what you do: Try to pick a beaded curtain that has beads with flat edges, if possible. You will also need to purchase two curtains. We will use an example for this procedure. You want one curtain that is 10 feet long. Using regular scissors, you would cut 4 feet off of each strand of the second curtain. Place a dot of glue on one of the beads and place it on the end of the strand from the curtain you are lengthening. Basically, you are just gluing two beads to each other. If you choose a beaded curtain that does not have a flat surface, lengthening can be a bit more complicated. Also consider our PVC styles which are held together with wire rings and can be shortened or lengthened by use of the rings. You can also add length by cutting beads off of your second curtain and tying them to the first curtain. This is more labor intensive than using glue, but it will allow you to choose just about any style of curtain you wish to add length to.
  • Custom Order or special orders For custom orders or more information on the other styles of curtains we carry please call or e-mail us with your information or request. Call us at (888) 896-5622 or email from our contact us link. Click For Custom order Information!
  • Additional miscellaneous information about your curtain Hand Painted Bamboo Curtains: All of our bamboo beaded curtains are handmade and painted by hand. The curtains are made using natural thin bamboo beads individually strung together. The painting is visible from all sides and angles of view because each bead contained in the image is entirely painted. These curtains not only work great on doors and windows, but also look wonderful on the wall. They are truly a piece of artwork.
  • Wooden Beaded Curtains: You can hang beaded curtains on walls, in a window, in a doorway or from anywhere from just about any ceiling. You can walk through them by pushing the strands aside of tying them to the back.
  • Iridescent Coating on Beaded Curtains: Iridescent coating is a second layer of material applied to our beads. That gives a shine look to the beads and they will reflect colors.
  • No Iridescent Coating on Beaded Curtains: There is no iridescent coating applied on the top of the beads. The only color that will show is the bead’s color. No other colors will be reflected. Beads without iridescent coating will still be shiny if they are acrylic. They will not have a rough or matte finish to them.
  • Child Safety Please be caution when using our beaded curtains in your household. If you have small children, having beaded curtains in a doorway that they will walk through may not be a good choice. If you want a beaded curtain but have small children, consider using them in a place where there is little chance that they will come in contact or become entangled in them such as in a window or against a wall. You may also want to avoid using irregular edged beaded curtains because they may cause injury to children.