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The Evolution of the Chandelier Decoration: from Medieval Churches to Modern Day Weddings

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The design of chandeliers have evolved over time. Starting in the 14th century they were simply two pieces of wood forming a cross with wooden spikes at each end to be used as candle holders. By the 16th and 17th century, chandeliers were turned into luxurious items that were mainly owned by the wealthy. These fancy light fixtures were usually seen in castles, churches, and abbeys. This symbol of status became its own art form as materials and production techniques improved over time.

chandelier france.jpg

Palace of Versailles

Fast forward to modern day and we see the design of chandeliers has transformed. The lighting source has swapped candles for light bulbs, new designs have led to modern models, and there are ranges of sizes. Electric lighting has helped keep the timeless creation surviving. Some artisans have taken their own twist on chandeliers and they’ve modernized it in unimaginable ways. It goes to show that this art form is so much more than a lighting appliance.


Murano Art Chandeliers





Chandeliers are incredibly popular when it comes to weddings. It's classy and timeless aura adds a touch of elegance to the ceremony. They can be used in an array of manners. Depending on the type of wedding setting there can be multiple small chandeliers scattered throughout the wedding venue and/or one large one in the center or above the dance floor. A large chandelier is perfect for adding a bold, focus piece. No matter what, chandeliers are a great touch to add style to any event.





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