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Trending Inflatable Structure Igloo Tents, Mirror Balls, Cubes for Venus and Large Events

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Generation Store’s line of inflatable products which include mirror balls, cubes, and igloo tents, coincide with the rising trend of inflatable structures that are used in all kinds of business events, ranging from tradeshows to corporate parties. Clients love our flexibility when it comes to fulfilling all of their custom requests such as looking for a particular color or size.

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Featured above is a birthday celebration put together by the impeccable Revelry Event Designers and Sacks Production. Both teams collaborated and used our mirror balls in an inventive way by lining the spheres in rows across the ceiling of the event venue. As a result, the spheres beautifully reflected the candlelight dining tables, which altogether created an elegant atmosphere.

Inflatable balls are by far the most popular product of the three inflatable products that we sell. Printing a custom logo on it makes it perfect for commercial use. You can even make the product catch people's attention by using LED lighting, which we can provide, to give the mirror balls a beautiful color to reflect off of.

Inflatable cubes are used similarly as inflatable balls but the multiple sides to the cube makes it great for the viewer to see a logo or design from any angle in the room. The product is completely eye-catching, making it ideal for marketing purposes.

Inflatable Tents are a creative and unconventional way to add captivation to your event. The creativity is up to you, for we can comply with any customisable requests when it comes to the color, dimensions, and more! A popular use for these tents is to be used as a segment of an event, such as a bar tent within a music festival. Add more intrigue by requesting LED lights to accompany the inflatable dome. Colorful and enthralling lights are the best way to pull together the look of the tent, especially if the event is taking place at night.


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