Custom Made String Curtains - 28 Colors - Up to 22 Feet Long

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Our customized string curtains come in 28 different colors, 4 different panel heading options, and a length of up to 20 feet long. Use our curtains to add a simple, but very elegant flair to any event.


Our custom made to order string curtains will completely transform your next wedding or event. They add just the right touch to bring any design to life. Made to your exact color and size specifications, these hanging string curtains come in custom lengths starting at 6 feet, all the way up to 20 feet. Each string curtain panel is 3 feet wide and has a matching 2 1/2 inch long rod pocket heading, so it is ready to be used with any existing rod or pipes you already have.


Our curtains are fashioned out of the highest quality polyester material. Polyester is tough enough for the washing machine, but it drapes and hangs elegantly. Use them to create a perfect backdrop or integrate them into your décor design to add a luxurious touch. Point colored lights at our white string curtains to have them take on new properties and create a stunning play of light and shadow. Customize these curtains even further with a pair of scissors. They can easily be cut and the material won't fray, so there's nothing to stop your creative vision.


Many event venues and commercial spaces require NFPA 701 Test Method 1 for string curtains. All our curtains can be treated to meet fire retardant requirements for an extra cost. More time will be required for the treatment. The fire retardant certificate will be provided with your order.


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Choose from 28 different color options


String Curtain Color Card 28 Colors


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Choose from 4 different heading options

Rod Pocket Heading

The rod pocket heading is what comes with all of our string curtains by default. The heading is a sleeve opening pocket that is 2 1/2 inches in diameter. It can be used to slide your own rod or pipes. You can use them stretched out wide and flattened at the top, or you can bunch them up to create an even denser look.
Velcro Strip Heading
The velcro strip heading is a good alternative to install our string curtains along a wall, high ceiling, or metal frame. The 2 1/2 inch velcro strip heading is sewn into the top end of the panel and it is easy to fasten for a secure hold. The hook (hairy) side is attached to the fabric header and the loop side is attached to any other surface.
Hook Heading

The hook heading is perfect to use with traverse rods or traverse rods with ring slides. The top header is made with buckram cloth liner to stiffen the fabric. This creates crisp pleats that provide a stable foundation to insert the drapery hooks into the rods. 


Grommet Heading




 The grommet heading is a decorative alternative. The heading can give the curtain large or soft, even, wavy pleats due to the metal rings that line the grommets. These elegant pleats are something not easily achieved by the other heading types. The eyelet ring has a diameter of 2 inches and are suitable for poles or rods with a diameter of up to 1 1/4 inches.


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We specialize in custom making string curtains to your exact specification


Not all decorating projects are the same! If you need string curtains in a particular color, header style, and size - you are at the right place. Since 1990, we have provided event decorators, wedding planners, and interior designers with beautiful, high quality curtains. Our goal is to provide you with exactly what you need to bring your vision to life.


Not finding the specific string curtains you are looking for? Contact us today and we'll make exactly what you need. 


Take a look at how our string curtains have been used in stunning ways by wedding and event decorators


Custom made pink string curtain


Custom Cut to length Pink String Curtain