Mirror Disco Ball Beaded Curtains - 3 Feet by 6 Feet

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Recreate two decades at once with Generation Store’s beaded Mirror Disco Ball Beaded Curtains. When you hang one of these acrylic, beaded curtains that are made with hundreds of mirror disco balls, you’ll connect with both the 60s and 70s at the same time. Slip on your tie dyed T-shirt and put “Saturday Night Fever” in the DVD player as these miniature mirror balls reflect the light from your neon lamp. Your beaded curtain WILL NOT REQUIRE ASSEMBLY and is ready to hang right on the hooks already fastened to the rod at the top. All you need are two eyehook screws or two nails, not included. Curtain measures 36" x 72" approx. What is also wonderful is that you can cut the strands any length you'd like because the acrylic beads are molded onto the string! Instead of using it in a doorway, perhaps you'd prefer to use it as a window curtain- with these curtains, that option is yours! If you have any questions about your beaded curtain be sure to visit our Beaded Curtain FAQ