White String Fringe Curtain to Dress up Window display 3 Feet Wide X 10 Feet Long with Velcro top


Product Description

Order String Curtains to Decor Storefront Window Display custom made with Velcro Top

Add understated grace to any Retail front window display with flowing string curtains that can serve as a backdrop or stand alone. Make your perfect window display  with white string curtains + Velcro top. Our fringe curtains will instantly hide walls you don't want to see, divide spaces wherever you want, and cover doorways and windows to create an intimate feeling. Shouldn't you and your design elements be on gleaming display? Create a stunning background with white string drapery and get a customized look.
Our white string curtains are constructed in 100 percent polyester fabric. It's naturally wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying and durable. The polyester strings won't fray even when cut, so use scissors to get them to hang just right. Even as standalone elements, these fringe curtains are a lovely touch. The top of the curtains has Velcro.

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Retail String Curtains gold color