FAQs About String Curtains For Events Decorations

Alex Roma on May 17th 2023

Have some questions about long string curtains for event wall hanging decorations? At Generation Store, we are always happy to clarify any information about our string curtains for decorating your next event. Here are some of the questions we get most frequently.

Contact Us: Please provide us with the measurements, colors, and quantities needed for your project.

What are string curtains? How can I use them in decorating?

String curtains are monochromatic or multi-colored curtains made up of long strands of polyester string. They hang down from rods along the walls or even along the ceiling. They can serve as backdrops along the entire wall or ceiling decorations.

What color string curtains do you have?

Generation Store offers string curtains in many different colors. We have a color book with all of our color options. You can even order a sample to see for yourself.

Do you do custom color?

We do offer custom color for large orders. Send us your Pantone color code, measurements, and quantity. We'll send you a quote. Minimum order 1,500 SF.

Cut to order string curtains Red Color

Can you cut string curtains in different shapes?

No, we do not cut string in different shapes. However, our string curtains can be easily cut without fraying, so we recommend our customers cut them into different shapes themselves if they so desire. This will ensure that your curtains match your artistic vision for the event.

What can you do with string curtains for decorating?

String curtains do more than simply covering a large wall; they can also function as an ornamental wall in your space. Long string curtains can section off a larger open space to create a smaller, more intimate event. This is especially ideal for small events held in large hotel event spaces.

You can hang string curtains from the ceiling on a moving track if you need them to move throughout the night, such as using string curtains as a partition for the main event.

What do you recommend for installing string curtains?

All string curtains from Generation Store come with a 2 1/2 top pocket header. You can slide a rod through the header to install the string curtains wherever you need them to go. We have a few other curtain heading styles for you to choose from so you can find the best option for your needs.

What kind of events can be decorated with string curtains?

String curtains are best suited to events that have large walls. They are festive and help to set the tone for a party, but they also have more maturity and elegance than similar decorations like streamers. You can use string curtains to decorate any number of events, including:

  • Galas, fetes, and celebrations
  • Weddings
  • Fundraising

The best plan is to utilize string curtains that suit the colors of your event. A color sampler can help you get a sense of your overall aesthetic for the big day (or night).

At Generation Store, we have a wide range of string curtains -- from more elegant, monochromatic metallic colors to bright multi-colored string curtains. No matter your event, string curtains can be just what you need to make the event shine.

How else can you use string curtains in decorating?

String curtains don't have to be the main piece of your decor. Fringe curtains are a great accent piece for the overall bigger design. You can also use them to divide up a larger space or crowd into smaller, more comfortable seating areas.

For weddings, fringe curtains can serve as a divider for the reception area. For instance, if you want the cocktail bar to be separated from the seating area or dance floor, fringe curtains can help to make it feel like its own room. You can also use them to draw the eye to the delicious food in the dining area.

We recommend gold fringe backdrops because they can be combined with almost any color scheme and party theme. They add elegance to the space, but they don't draw attention away from the rest of the decor. Gold is timeless, so it fits with both classic and more fun themes. These backdrops are perfect behind dessert and buffet tables, retail windows display, theaters, and Broadway stages, convention hall However, if you want something brighter and bolder, we can accommodate that with our many color options.

How are string fringe curtains used in retail display and other venues?

String curtains add an extra pop to the window display of your retail store. They can serve as a backdrop for your thematically arrayed window display, drawing the eye not only to your merchandise but to the store itself. Fringe curtains can also be used to protect your window display from prying customers inside. If there is a physical barrier between the customers and the display, the customers may be more likely to respect the boundary and leave your display untouched.

You might also use string fringe curtains to add a theme to an exhibit in a hotel lobby, museum, library, or local gallery. The artful decor can help to enhance the beauty of the works of art, without taking away from the artwork itself.

What are the string curtains from Generation Store made out of?

The string fringe curtains at Generation Store are made of durable, dense polyester, so that they can be cut by hand without damaging the final product. They come with a matching rod pocket top so you can hang them from your own rod.

Can I order fire retardant string curtains?

Many of our clients work with other businesses, and fire safety essential. Safety is just as important to Generation Store. This is why all of our string curtains are flame retardant and meet the requirement of the NFPA 701 Test Method 1. These help to ensure your décor is as safe and compliant as it is beautiful.

Can you provide us a flame retardant test report?

We can provide a NFPA 701 Test Method 1-2010 edition results of Flame propagation of textiles and films. If you are interested to see the report, please feel free to request it.

What are your string curtain heading options?

Our string fringe curtain panels come in multiple different heading styles so you can find he right option to suit your needs. Most popular are:

  • Pocket
  • Two-sided top velcro finish
  • Traverse hooks
  • Eyelet rings

Do you sell or offer different density string curtains?

Our string fringe curtains come in two types of string density: Standard Density and premium high density. The density of the curtain is measured by the number of strings per inch, usually the curtains with more amount of strings reflects the curtain quality. Choose the string density depending on your project or style.

Do you offer different width sizes for your string curtain panels?

Our standard string curtain panels are 3 feet wide. However, we can cut a custom width depending on your needs. The recommended widths include: 3 feet, 5 feet and 10 feet

Make sure to include the custom measures you require when you contact us.

Is there a way to make the string curtains more opaque and harder to see through?

If you want curtains that offer a more opaque or hard to see through, you will want our high density string fringe curtains. These string curtains are thicker in material, making the color deeper and more opaque.

Do you charge sales tax on your string curtain purchases?

We do not charge sales tax on out of state purchases, but we do collect sales tax on any Connecticut purchases. If you have a B2B business in Connecticut, make sure to provide your sales tax number to your order so you can waive it.

I need string curtains urgently. How long do they take to ship? Do you offer rush orders?

We normally ship within 7-10 business days plus 5-7 days for transit time. Special, large orders may need more time. If you need a rush order, let us know when you will need it at your event and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you deliver to customers outside of the USA?

Generation Store delivers string curtains both nationally within the USA and worldwide. As an international customer, duties fees - a special tax for the freight and insurance of imported goods - will not be included in your order.

Do you take urgent orders?

We do our best to meet urgent orders, but there are simply some things we can't control. If you have an urgent order for string curtains, let us know your deadline and we will let you know if it is feasible for us to meet it. We will do our best to meet the deadline, but we do not offer refunds for custom orders

What is your store refund policy for custom cut or custom orders string curtains?

Unfortunately, we are not able to issue refunds or exchanges in the case of custom cut orders.

Have a question for Generation Store not listed here? We're happy to help. Contact us today, and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible to answer your questions. 

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