Flexible transparent led display curtain - Self-adhesive

Alaina Brandenburger on Mar 8th 2024

flexible transparent led display curtain

Some of the world’s most exciting destinations, from Times Square in New York City to Piccadilly Circus in London, tantalize visitors by immersing them in larger-than-life video. Take this idea and scale it for multiple spaces and occasions with the LED flexible transparent film curtain.

These screens offer crystal clear transparency in an ultra-light and thin design. Its flexible LED screen adheres to any display, even curved glass. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Benefits and Features of the LED Screen Video Curtain

Our transparent LED display curtain comes in thickness as low as 2mm and weighs 3.5 kg/m2. A truly revolutionary screen, it offers 140⁰ angles on all sides with no color deviations or “dead angles.” Wherever you choose to display your video, people will experience a clear, high-resolution picture. This video curtain is great for in-store brand videos or commercial videos in large spaces.

It offers a sleek and hidden power supply with no components on the body of the screen to distract from the viewer’s experience.

Flexible and customizable, you can display video in multiple spaces large and small. Its transmission interruption recovery function lets you manage other aspects of your business or event without worrying about rebooting the video.

If you’re using your LED display curtain on an outdoor-facing window or outdoors, the high-temperature-resistant PET film can withstand the heat. You don’t have to worry about the display melting or warping and impacting video quality.

Since our transparent LED display curtain is pasted directly onto a glass surface, it easily blends into any space.

Events for the LED Screen Video Curtain

Our LED screen video curtain transforms any space by adding dynamic movement through video footage. For commercial purposes and personal events, this display can add a memorable touch.


Create a magical experience in the lobby by showing lifestyle videos directly on a wall or on a glass display behind the front desk. Share the best of the city with visitors by shooting videos of local attractions, restaurants, and other amenities and keep them on display to show your guests what they can expect from their stay.

Or transform your event space and make it unique with a customizable video display curtain. Use it as a key selling point when booking weddings, corporate events, and other events. Your wedding clients will love having a reception space that stands out with personalized videos. Corporate clients will appreciate the ability to illustrate pitches with a video display.

Nightclubs and Bars

Enhance any night out by showcasing videos in prominent areas of the club. Get people into the party with music videos that inspire them to move to the floor and dance. Envelop guests in the atmosphere by making video part of the show. Use graphic videos along with creative lighting to engage patrons from every angle.

Connect the video to the DJ equipment to let guest artists and regular DJs maximize each set.

Retail Store

Bring the digital experience to life in-store with an LED screen video curtain. As a retailer, you’re no longer limited to a flat display behind the cash register or hidden away on a store wall. Instead, you can make video a prominent part of the store by adapting this video screen for the space.

Show an exciting video ad to highlight your merchandise or use the video screen to display a rotating slide show of static images on the window. Position it facing the outside of your store for a window display that stands out and goes beyond traditional displays. As an added bonus, you can switch up your display throughout the day without spending time and energy changing mannequins and props.

With this LED video screen, you can enhance the shopping experience for everyone. Use it to help customers visualize how merchandise will fit into their lifestyle. Or nudge customers to purchase by showing celebrities and influencers using your products on the big screen.

Theatrical Performance

Give performers more room to move by scrapping the bulky scenery and using videos instead. Our LED screen video curtain gives you the flexibility to create stunning stage décor without using multiple props and set pieces.

This screen is also great for outdoor concerts because it lets everyone in on the subtleties of every performance.

Shopping Mall

Transform a basic walkway into an eye-catching wall of advertisements by using the LED video curtain on a stairway or in the walkway. Use it to highlight the latest sales and deals, in an eye-catching way. Or create a dazzling backdrop for special events such as fashion shows and musical performances.

Since our LED screen video curtain is customizable, you can make it as bold or subtle as you want. Choose the larger option for a display that transcends each level of the shopping mall, or choose a smaller display for a more impactful message.

How to Customize It

Choose the display that suits your display and project requirements. We offer the P20 with 1,000 pixels per panel, a 2,500-pixel density, and 4,000 level brightness. Our P6 has 8,704 pixels per panel, a 27,777-pixel density, and 4,800 level brightness. Our best-seller, the P8, is 15.7 inches wide and 39 inches long. It is our most cost-effective and versatile screens and is perfect for a variety of events.

Let us know how you want your film cut based on the size and specifications of your space. Once you’ve selected your display, we will send you the LED video screen, including the screen, a control system, the receiver card, installation tools, a power supply, spare parts, and the flight case in case you want to move the screen or take it down and store it.

Let Us Help You

Our innovative LED screen video curtain can be customized to fit into any space. You can transform any space with video to draw people’s attention. You are no longer limited to a flat space on the wall. This flexible and transparent display adds pizzazz and ambiance to any space or lets you create an impactful message in a unique setting.

We are here to help you select the screen you need and customize it for your space. Contact us today to learn more. Call 1-888-896-5622, extension 2 for a custom order.