Flexible Led display curtain for eye-catching advertisements, events and visual merchandising

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Product Description

This innovative new display curtain is made with a transparent LED film that can transform any glass surface into a vibrant, dynamic screen. You can use our new foldable LED display curtain for eye-catching advertisements, entertainment events and parties, or simply to share information. The possibilities are endless! With crystal clear transparency, this is the new hottest product for corporate displays.

Product features for the foldable LED display curtain: 

  • Crystal clear transparency with high permeability, made with high-temperature resistant PET film at the base.
  • Exciting new technology makes this ultra light and ultra thin. At only 3mm thick and weighs just 3.5kg/m2, the film is almost imperceptible.
  • A flexible LED screen that can be adhered even to curved glass displays.
  • No limits to shape and size. You can also cut the film however you like to support your vision and create a truly innovative display.
  • 140° angles on all sides for a stunning wide view. With no color deviation or "dead angles," the quality of the foldable LED display curtain remains unmatched throughout.
  • Sleek hidden power supply and no components to the body of the screen, making this display curtain as safe as it is beautiful.
  • Quick and simple installation: simply paste the curtain to the glass surface and enjoy the view.