Giant Inflatable Reflective World Globe Transforms the Exhibit Hall at SOURCING at MAGIC, Las Vegas

Alaina Brandenburger on Apr 6th 2022

Mirror spheres have become popular fixtures at trade shows. They are customizable, offering a highly visible location for sponsor logos. Whether they’re placed on the floor or hanging from the ceiling, these décor features complement other parts of any display.

Generation Store recently supplied a large inflatable reflective world globe for the SOURCING at MAGIC’s February 2022 trade show. This show convenes domestic and international suppliers, manufacturers, and other service providers in a variety of industries from apparel and footwear to technology.

Giant Inflatable reflective world globe at exhibit hall las Vegas

Bringing the World Together

To celebrate the global nature of the event, Informa Market used a large blue inflatable reflective sphere in its display. The ball featured mirrored continents and was displayed from the ceiling, hanging over flags of the various countries represented at the trade show. In February, the show featured exhibits from countries ranging from Peru to Germany to South Korea.

Informa Market specializes in connecting businesses and professionals, setting up memorable trade shows designed to foster engagement and help professionals learn from one another. The “What in the World” display created for SOURCING at MAGIC helped illustrate how the event is truly global, designed to convene the best in textiles, apparel manufacturing, and more.

To complete the theme, Informa Market placed a large sign at the base of the globe highlighting its purpose. The sign introduced attendees to the trade show, highlighting its representatives from over 20 countries and informing people of an Instagram account and branded hashtag they could use to promote the show.

SOURCING at MAGIC highlights sustainability and good social practices. At the February 2022 event, sustainable fashion was the central theme with displays and events promoting it. It makes sense that the event organizers would choose to create a display using materials that can be reused for years.

The mirror ball used to create a display globe is high quality and durable. Informa Market can use it in many more upcoming SOURCING trade shows throughout the year, copying the initial display or creating a new one that centers around the globe idea.

How the World Came Together

To bring the large world globe to life, Generation Store started with a large mirror ball. The team then created an ocean overlay with content shapes cut into it. The blue would represent the ocean. To achieve a seamless look, the graphic was added to the mirror ball in two layers.

What resulted was a beautiful globe with mirrored continents in which trade show attendees could see themselves as they walked by. Two rows of flags completed the runway effect, aligning a blue carpet.

Let this Show Inspire Your Event

The process of creating a planet Earth globe for a trade show known for its visual appeal was simple for Generation Store. We offer giant inflatable mirror balls in silver that can accommodate any logo or cutout design.

These inflatable mirror balls are available in sizes ranging from 3-16 feet in diameter. If you’re interested in a similar concept in a smaller space, we have a product for you. The spheres come in different colors – silver, gold, red, blue, and green. While Informa Market chose to build the inflatable world globe with a silver base, it could have easily been done with a blue base and different colored graphics.

We can customize a ball to your specifications. One highlight of this project was the organizers’ ability to get creative with the décor. Instead of opting for a ready-made globe, we worked with them to create something that would help them realize their vision for the welcome area of the trade show.

This concept seems simple, but much thought and planning went into bringing the world to life on the trade show floor. With some vision and planning, our team was able to create a memorable display that helped show attendees recognize SOURCING at MAGIC’s full scope.

Let Us Help You

If you’re inspired by this display, let us help you with your next trade show or event. Call us to learn more about our inflatable spheres with logos. If you’re in a large conference space like the one in Las Vegas, you can opt for a large sphere that stands out. Display a logo and hang the sphere from the ceiling to help communicate event branding.

Or use the sphere to pull your concept together like Informa Market did with the planet Earth globe and corresponding flags. Get creative, making a concept that will welcome people into your show and offer more information about what they can expect when they go inside.

Learn more by contacting us today.