Gold Fringe Curtains at the S Bar Las Vegas

Alaina Brandenburger on Feb 2nd 2022

Whether you’re hosting an event, refining a new gathering space, or opening a trendy bar or restaurant, the right décor can set the tone. Adding something as simple as gold fringe curtains is an easy and affordable way to enhance any space, taking it from basic to sophisticated. Keep reading and let us show you how to use these curtains in your own public spaces and events.

How to Use Hanging Fringe Curtains

This piece of décor is versatile and can be used multiple ways. Interior designer Holly Alexandra recently used gold metallic fringe curtains as part of a lounge top ceiling at S Bar Las Vegas. She hung the curtains in a square pattern from the ceiling above the bar area.

Premium High Density String Fringe Curtains

Bishop Pass advised the project team on the overall look and ambiance of the lounge. To achieve this vision, the design team used gold hanging fringes of different lengths to create visual interest and draw visitors’ eyes to the bar. The resulting design brings a vintage feel to the lounge while complementing a dark color palette and minimalistic décor.

Other Ways to Use Fringe Curtains

For an event, you can use hanging fringe curtains as a backdrop, accentuating bigger parts of the overall design. Or place them strategically around seating spaces to break up the crowd and create a barrier between different groups.

For weddings, we recommend using fringe curtains to create visual separation within the reception area. Place them near the cocktail area to guide people in and out of the space. Or hang them from the ceiling of the dining area to complement center pieces and make an average room look more sophisticated.

We like gold fringe backdrops, because they are easy to pair with multiple color schemes and they don’t take away from other decorations. These backdrops are perfect behind dessert tables, particularly if your cake features gold accents.

You’re not limited to gold. We offer hanging fringes in multiple colors, so you can likely find one that fits your client’s needs.

Hanging Fringe Curtains for Events

If you’re planning a corporate event, fringe curtains are an excellent way to add a touch of elegance to the space. Hang them over the dining tables to lower the ceilings and create a more intimate feel. Use them as backdrops to guide people through different parts of the conference floor.

You can match the fringe to your client’s logo. Choose the primary logo color or accentuate it with one of the more subtle shades featured in the design. We offer custom mad curtains up to 20 feet long. Order curtains in multiple lengths to add visual interest to your conference space, or order a custom size for a room with unique measurements.

Fringe Curtains for Interiors

Fringe curtains aren’t limited to bars, restaurants, lounges, and events. They are also perfect for elevating a retail window display. Use them to add a backdrop to your visual merchandising while giving passers by a glimpse into the store itself.

Hanging fringe curtains also act as a barrier between the store and the window display. Your customers are less likely to poke around the display if there is a physical barrier between them and the merchandise.

Gold String-fringe curtains are perfect for temporary art installations whether they’re in a hotel lobby, a library, a gallery, or a museum. They help accentuate sculptures, paintings, and more, adding to the backdrop without taking away from the piece itself.

If you’re planning an installation that spans through multiple spaces, use these curtains to cut off different rooms so people can take in each part of the installation separately without being overwhelmed.

What to Know

Our gold string curtains and fringe curtains come with a matching rod pocket top so you can hang them from your own rod. They are made of polyester, so they are durable, and they won’t fray if you cut them yourself.

Since many of our clients operate in a commercial setting, we have plenty of fire retardant options, helping to ensure that your décor meets local safety standards. Since these fringes drape over a rod, you can easily take them down and dry clean them if they get dirty.

For temporary uses including events and installations, we offer curtains with Velcro strip heading that you can easily take down once the event is over.

Let Us Help You with Your Event

If you’re looking for an affordable touch of sophistication for your next project, we have fringe curtains to suit your needs. Contact us and we will work with you to make what you need.  and can easily customize hanging fringe that complements your space.